I am Neti* aka Madam Too Much.

The author of this Journal of Singledom, Aging & Life in General.

Thanks for taking a minute to stop by my little corner in the blogosphere. I love meeting New friends so, Come on in.  I’ve been Blogging for Fun since 2010 at a space called Kurves over at blogspot. On Jan. 2016 I finally decided to jump on the wordpress wagon and get Legit with a [dot] com. “Madam Too Much” is a nickname/alias given to me by my Niece Shay some 22 years ago and is still in effect. When I started blogging, I had just been laid off from a job I used to Love and creating a blog was the best therapy my money could buy. Here’s a quick snippet:

  • I’m Proud as a Peacock & Loving my Life right Now!
  • Retired, Divorced, Budget Shopper, Semi-retired Party Animal always on vacation in South Florida.
  • President of Family excursions, Party planning, Interior decoration, Landscape design/maintenance & all around Handy Woman.
  • Originally from St. Mary, JAMAICA W.I. but have called 3 different US States “Home”.
  • Obsessed with Positive Aging.
  • I’m a Daughter, Sister, Mother & Aunty with Attitude who loves to Travel.


“Life has been Good to Me and I Practice daily gratitude. I have been a Wife, Single Mom, Broke, Young & Cute now I am “Living Life as I have Come to Know It” and strive to be Happy each and every day.  I blog about the good, the bad and the ugly with bits of humor that life throws my way. You will also be privy to Items I find in stores, my Style, my Travels and what I enjoy in general.  If you have been a reader of my previous blog “Kurves”. Then, you know that I often write “thought-provoking” posts, that I hope stimulate my readers to Live their Best Life regardless of circumstances. Communication is the key to our existence in this world, so browse around & drop me a line when you can”.



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The views expressed herein are Personal and does not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of others. I do not claim ownership of all the contents provided on this blog and I give credit when needed. I am not a Psychologist, Counselor, Attorney, CPA, Physician or Medical health professional, just a Woman on Life’s Journey. It is not my intention to offer Legal, Medical, Technical, Financial nor Stylist advice and urge you to consult the professionals who excel in their field of expertise. I reserve the right to delete any content left here that I deem dis-respectful to myself and others. Any information provided is to the best of my knowledge. 

This blog is F Y E – For Your Edutainment Only!Thanks for Visiting!


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