Mr. Impatient

Mister Impatient may be hard to get along with a first. And, it may take years for you to understand him. So, why do you want to be around him?  Well. . he is a great provider, a good Lover when you get him to concentrate on the matter at hand, and he wants to be in your face. Unless – you are in a traffic jam in his car, on a line with him at the cable company, shopping for your next handbag, or can’t decide which dress you want to wear for date night. You may have a great guy in your life, and some of you Ladies do. . .

But, You better not be Late!

You cannot be late for anything that he is involved in, or you will have a terrible time, and it will be tough not to show it. He is a horn-honker, interrupter, and I’ll-just-do-it-myselfer.  Men with very little patience can seem rude, insensitive, but underneath that abrupt, exterior they get things done, and wastes very little time in doing it. Every project is urgent, needed to be done yesterday, and why does everyone move so slowly?  Your Mister may just be a chronic overachiever and there is nothing wrong with that, Right?  So many women I know, have to walk on eggshells around their Men, because the do NOT want to start an argument!  But, they are living well in a fancy house and on vacation out of the country twice a year. So, it-is-all-worth-it. Or is it?rightnowI met Mr Impatient years ago and he revealed himself on the first date, and there was no way he could take up space in my closet. It was a first & last, all in one evening.  Not all women are strong enough to withstand a “Hurry Up” life  all the time.  I salute all those who have the patience to endure this Mister. . . you are so Precious.


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  • Reply nerline

    I must admit that my husband has a little bit of that. Like you said, he is an overachiever. But I do let him know who is the boss without sabotaging his meetings or activities at church. We have to weight out the goods and the bads, I guess. Great post!

    03/28/2017 at 9:49 am
    • Reply Neti*

      Life is all about living with our differences and achievements. Thanks Sis.

      03/28/2017 at 6:29 pm
  • Reply Lenya

    Guilty of all in the above :/ That is so me :/ I always want everything done yesterday or even the day before, I can’t stand it when people waste MY time….well as I said, guilty of all in the above. But please don’t call me Mr. Impatient, lol. Simon used to say, you move faster than the speed life. Well I suppose he’s right, I am far too impatient, but I just can’t help it. Great one again, Neti my friend.
    big big hugs and much much luv

    03/28/2017 at 3:50 pm
    • Reply Neti*

      Thanks Sis. Enjoy every minute. . Big Hugs!!

      03/28/2017 at 6:31 pm
  • Reply KizzyDoll

    A tiny bit like my husband, haha x

    03/29/2017 at 5:12 am
    • Reply Neti*

      I think all Men have the trait. Thanks Dear.

      03/30/2017 at 2:10 pm
  • Reply Catherine W. Urbanski

    Hi Neti,

    My Frenchman, Bonaparte, is impatient. He’s incredibly impatient. I laugh at him when he gets his impatient on. It’s so ridiculous. I’ll also make wise ass remarks like “Are you that impatient to get into your grave?” That usually settles things!! Enjoying your blog!!

    03/30/2017 at 6:36 pm
  • Reply Beauty

    Great insight as always Neti and I must say Mr. Impatient is everywhere because some male bosses at work can also be annoying with their overachiever attitude. I rather deal with one at home than at work..Lol. Have a great Weekend Sis.

    03/31/2017 at 12:12 pm
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