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Open Marriage

This from Redbook:: . . .  “My husband and I have always had high sex drives, and we knew going into our relationship that monogamy might be an issue. We also knew that we had a strong enough bond that we didn’t want cheating to drive us apart. We had a few slips—he cheated on me with his ex a few times; I started a steamy text exchange with a man I’d met online – and we realized that, since we couldn’t change the way we were wired (seriously, studies show that 23 percent of men and 19 percent of women have been unfaithful in their relationships), we needed to figure out some sort of system.  The Internet helped us set ground rules. There are tons of websites that cater to couples who swing, so we chose, made profiles”. . . and the Open Marriage began.

Bored after 18 years with her husband, Robin Rinaldi  placed an ad seeking casual encounters with new men and women. She tells what happened on her yearlong sex odyssey in her memoir “The Wild Oats Project“.  Well . . if you know me, then you know I had to do some research, and clicked on Fabswingers website. Their tag line . . . Welcome to FabSwingers, a free website created for swingers by a genuine swinging couple. . . Members online 4,450. They brag that 130,00+ people use their site daily for Free.  So, what is a genuine swinger couple you ask?  I was not interested enough to find out.  And, if the service is Free, how does a site like that pay for the administration and user costs to keep the site up?  I’m guessing that the “genuine” couple have the funds and there are many other sites out there that cater to this kind of entertainment.

How does a couple make this lifestyle work & why would they want to?

Today, it’s still considered taboo for couples who “really, truly love each other” to need anyone else. Not to mention the terrifying idea of a “third person” becoming more appealing to your partner than you are. How many couples could withstand that crisis? And, what happened to “Til’ Death do us Part”?  Not just the end of living and breathing, but also the death of your sexual life. When an older couple gets trapped into this kind of entertainment, they become mere fools.  Just in case we forget, growing old together means accepting what being older truly means. Just in case you did not know. . let me tell you now.  A man’s sexual prowess is not going to last forever. This is a fact. Aging to a man’s sexual organs is quite an ordeal and not many couples can handle it.  So, if you thought that an open marriage would help to solidify your man’s sexual decline, you ‘betta think bout dat’ again.  So many women and men who have the experience, say. . once a cheater, always a cheater and trust goes out the window.

Nah, No can do. . . if you wanted to have multiple sex partners why bother get a license & put a ring on it?  This open marriage thing is off the wall, and it invokes the image of two cheaters, too lazy to divorce, having a midlife crisis & decide to spice it up by exploring sex with like minded people. They really don’t give a shit, or two shits about each other.  I’m Just Sayin. . .

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  • Reply Edwige

    Humm, this isn’t for me, and i totally agree with you…. Why bother in the first place getting married? Marriage is sacred. To each his own, but I no, thanks. LOL

    06/03/2017 at 4:53 pm
  • Reply Oh to Be a Muse

    I’m not in an open marriage, but I say, to each their own. If people want to have an open relationship, why should that bother me? I’m not in the relationship. There are people out there who cheat and never tell their partners. This sounds like all parties are aware and OK with it. So why do I need to put my opinion on it? I’m not in their marriage. If that works for them, then kudos. If they’re not hurting anyone then who cares, really. Just my point of view.

    06/05/2017 at 12:29 pm
  • Reply Lenya

    Each to their own, that’s what I say. If an open relationship works for them that’s all that counts. They don’t cheat, because they don’t do anything behind their partners back.
    big hugs, sis
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    06/07/2017 at 7:13 pm
    • Reply Neti*

      You are right, they agreed to it. Thanks Sis.

      06/07/2017 at 10:07 pm
  • Reply nerline germain

    Like you Neti, I believe that people with open marriages are bored and don’t give two shits about each other. If you are okay with another man touching your wife or vice a versa, you truly don’t have real feelings for that person. My two cents..

    06/10/2017 at 2:36 am
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