Status Change

    Recently on Facebook:- Status change from “In a relationship’ to ‘Single”-   Some of us girls like to change it up every year and some get divorced before they can make the final payment on the Wedding photos. But, to tell it all on social media?  You need to think this one thru before you press send!  It is this kind of world where we women are strong, invincible, courageous, independent and not afraid of the big bad wolf and. . .I’ll just cut him off & change my status right damn now!”  I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say that you should express your feelings to someone, instead of keeping things within and you will feel better.  As a matter of fact, many Therapists suggest a support group to lean on during these troubled times, and many find support on Twitter, FB and email instead of a face to face with an I-told-you-so relative or friend.  But, not everything in your house of cards is game. There are some events in your life that should be kept under wrap, and your romantic relationship is one of them, with one exception – ABUSE.  Verbal, mental or physical abuse is not an option – this you must tell the right person immediately (social worker/dial 911).

    YES.  Typing a short note or clicking on a box may feel good right now, this minute. But, just suppose you have writer’s remorse the next day or your lover gave you that needed “Feel good all-over-make-your-toes-curl” last night. What do you do?  Well, you just delete your post on FB and change your status back with the click of a mouse. Or, write your online friend a recant message.  But, come next week you are still hiding under embarrassment and heartbreak and no one to turn to. Time to rethink this ‘ole relationship thing. . . he/she did the unmentionable and your feelings of mistrust is weighing down heavy on the mind. What do you do now? . . .Hello Mom. . . . .


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    What’s in a Name

    If you followed my blog for awhile, you know I was not happy with the name “Kurves” and tried to change it several times. When I tell people the name of my blog, they usually respond “ that a fashion blog? I see so many curvy fashion blogs”. . . Well, that was never my intention. I am not a Fashion Stylist therefore, this is not a Fashion blog. Yes, I do post photos of myself enjoying Life, working on a DIY or in a Budget buy. But clearly, I just wear clothes and I do not know a thing about styling this ever changing body. Also, in a google search for kurves you find everything but my blog. . .killer kurves shapewear, the diva kurves collection, etc..etc. So here we are again. . .

    Madam Too Much is a nickname/alias given to Me by my niece Shay some 22 years ago and she still calls me by this name. Back then, I was an independent single woman trying to raise two kids, Shay and my Son T who was 3 years younger. . and I was “too much” to handle! Although they were basically good kids they still tried with all their might to rattle my cage and they just could not. After all, I wasn’t born this old and ‘been there done dat’. Today, they are both productive adults and once in awhile I get the big THANK YOU . . . for being Madam Too Much.thankyou2So, when it came time to really invest money into this blogging ‘ting I needed a unique name for my This name Fits Me to a tee and I have been told by many that I can be. . .Too Much. This is evident in previous posts and my family can attest to this. Besides, the name has been with me for a long time. I did a Google search for MTM and came up with nothing, so I knew this would work. I really wanted but that was already taken so I settled for And, here I am. . Your SistaFriend Neti. The format is similar and I am “still. .too much“. Continue reading