Closet Orphans


    Do you have a great dress, or dynamite top that you love, but never wear because nothing goes with it?  Or, a piece of clothing that so wonderful, but for whatever reason it does not belong? If so, you have Closet Orphans”.  I have so many closet orphans and I’m in the process of a closet revamp once again. Those three pairs of jeans that I wore once, stored in the bin for three years & have not seen the light of day. . . gotta go. Same can be said about a few dresses that are sitting in the dark with the sales tag still on them. They were purchased awhile ago and the occasion has not come up to wear them. The idea that when an occasion arises and I cannot find anything to wear in my closet, makes me crazy. Items I can afford are very hard to find and this has always been a problem for me.  So, when a dressy outfit is at the rock bottom price, if it fits and I love it, I have a space for it.nothingtowear3Trendy items are difficult to pair with other items and I have decided not to get excited about them anymore. The printed orange pants I purchased back in 2015, that seldom gets worn because it doesn’t play nicely with others, is just taking up space. It just sits folded with my white jeans, languishing away while my wardrobe workhorses get worn again and again.  According to Susan. . . “Something deep in our female brain makes us love a sale. It goes back to the hunter-gatherer stage of humanity. Getting something for not very much money or effort feels like finding a bush full of ripe berries”.


    • They were once part of a set or an outfit purchased all at once, but the other components have been outgrown, lost, or donated.
    • They represent a past style or body shape or emotional state, and you just can’t bear to part with them. Even though the rest of your closet has moved on.
    • They were SO PRETTY that you couldn’t resist buying them due to your shopping weakness. Even though they really don’t work within your established personal style.

    I don’t believe that clothes that have gone unworn for a number of months should be donated. Certainly works for some, but is not a rule that applies to all women. Clothes can go unworn for many reasons and just chucking them after some arbitrary expiration date can be downright wasteful. My sister and I have what we call “vacation clothes” and they get recycled during our vacations every year. We do not wear them around town and they last much longer than our regular clothes because they are not laundered so often. So, a dress in that closet may get worn every other year. Does that mean I should get rid of it. No way.  Continue reading


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