Located south of Cuba, north of Panama and northwest of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands are a group of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, & Little Cayman. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are located only five miles apart from one another, while Grand Cayman stands 90 miles away from its smaller sisters. Together, the islands have a total area of 262 square miles. These islands are British Territory. Georgetown is the largest town on the island and most visited because it serves as a port of entry for both those who fly and those who sail. 

    The general attitude of the Cayman Islands is relaxed and friendly – Caymankind.  Cayman life focuses on the seas, with boating and diving being two of the most popular activities. Remnants of British colonial days are evident in the meticulous manners of most islanders.  The west coast of Grand Cayman, which is where the famed Seven Mile Beach is located, is known for its gorgeous beaches filled with soft sand, backed not by palms but by pines, and normally calm waters. Around the rest of the island, there are other smaller beaches that spot the landscape and offer a more private setting without lacking the high quality of their more popular counterpart.

    The middle island, Cayman Brac, is a tad less busy than Grand Cayman. This island has several great places for snorkeling, but swimming is not as popular due to the rocky coastline. Scuba divers will find several sunken ships off the coast that make for great underwater expeditions. Of the three islands, Cayman Brac is most popular for its natural beauty and lush greenery. Spelunking, hiking, and rock climbing are of particular interest to many tourists who choose to visit this island. Continue reading

    My Style

    OOTD 21


    I am shopping my closet these days and finding some items that I still love. Since I only shop clearance/final sales, the items that fit into my criteria are not available right now in my stores. All the summer wear is gone and fall/winter wear just does not fit my lifestyle. I typically wear lightweight jackets this time of year, and have no need for a bulky sweater or coat. So, no new stuff on clearance. This top is very old and has been on the cruise circuit. The Shooze has been under my bed until last week, purchased from Dillard’s in the summer of 2015.


    The sleeveless jacket I got from Macy’s Last Act section in November.


    The faux leather pants was last year’s clearance from J.C. Penney. Continue reading