Wedding Moons

    Destination Weddings aka “WeddingMoons” have become famous over the past ten years, when Brides found out how economical it was to host a Wedding in the Islands. You do have lots of options, when it comes to having a small wedding – Spend $10,000 on a wedding at home with a very small guest list; or spend $5,000 on an amazing trip to Greece for two, complete with a honeymoon cruise. Back in the day this was called “Eloping”.  Then, an elopement happened when couples ran off to far away places and got married without all the fuss and approvals from Mom & Dad. Now they call it a destination wedding and Mom & Dad approve, because it is cost effective and they get a vacation out of the deal.

    Then, there’s the question of whether you want to pay for your guests to attend. That is entirely up to your budget and their ability to pay. If you are considering a wedding far away set up a realistic budget and Please, please use the free Wedding Coordinator offered by the site. I say this, only to remind you that. . . it is extremely difficult to deal with an uncooperative vendor in another country, and you want your wedding to be stress free no matter where you get married.

    If you do not speak the language of the country you want to get married in, do not book it!  I don’t care if you stopped off on a cruise there, or your friend showed you photos of a beautiful resort she visited. Find a location that you can communicate verbally with everyone and by all means – Do not book a location via the Internet without an extended stay there. Continue reading

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    Better with Age

    We all know that many people are desperate to fight the signs of aging, and some go to extreme lengths to turn back the clock. But like a fine wine or mature cheese, some of us just Get Better with Age. I do not consider myself “old” but I’m getting older and so are you.  Once you embrace the fact that you are no longer a teenager, the aging process is much easier on the brain. I find the idea of age-appropriate dressing quite boring and it does not speak to me. While it’s true that most women past the age of 18 probably shouldn’t wear certain things, like t-shirts with vulgar expressions. There are plenty of stylish older women who prove, that telling someone over the age of 40 they shouldn’t wear a miniskirt, or a pair of leggings is ludicrous.

    When it comes to fashion, youth is always in style. Most fashion magazine covers, ads and runways are filled with fresh faces under the age of 30. It is very rare that they publish a cover article designed for aging beauties. Can you imagine a 14 year old girl modeling the clothes you may want to buy?  Back in 2015, the designer Dior hired a 14 year model to walk the runway in Paris. Yes. . these models are getting younger and younger every year. Should you care? HELL NO!  Even though we may want to look young and pretty, we have something they don’t have –  years & years spent honing our style and shaking off insecurities. There are so many stylish, older women whose clothing choices put any trendy cover girl to shame. It seems that with age comes the wisdom – to not give a shit about what you wear.  H E L L O !! Continue reading