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    In the Pink


    It started with New York Fashion Week, when we all noticed that Pink was an ongoing trend among designers, and in London, the popular shade made a number of runway appearances, as well. The runways saw the color worn in every shade, from fuchsia and rose to peach and magenta: Balenciaga paired ruched raspberry with lavender, while Valentino opted for a block color-clash against red; Chloé served its signature dusty hue. My girl Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma collaboration showed just how nice carnation and amaranth came alive in silky sportswear. Since then, Pink and Blush are popping up all over the stores & many of my friends are loving the different shades of pink right now. Not one to shy away from trends, even though I am trying my best not to buy trendy garments, I had to jump on the pink/blush bandwagon.


    I love the lavender glow these pink jeans have and they got paired with a floral hi-lo top that I can wear again with some black jeans. Both are coupon purchases from JC Penney.

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    My Style

    Ootd 26


    Throughout my childhood in St. Mary, Jamaica W.I., Easter was & still is a large celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. It is preceded by forty days of Lent, during which some Jamaicans abstain from their favorite indulgences. Many give up drinking alcohol, eating pork, or meat altogether. As a result, more fish tends to be eaten during Lent, particularly on Good Friday which is a fast day for the more religious. In my family, we attended church on Good Friday for a minimum of 3 hours in honor of time Jesus spent on the cross.  Bun and cheese are a must for Jamaicans in the Easter season, and the supermarket shelves are laden with Easter buns of all sizes. Since no cooking was done on Good Friday, we devoured Bun and cheese all day. School children get an Easter break of about 2 weeks;  Good Friday and Easter Monday are both public holidays. After Good Friday, the mood lightens, and by Saturday evening there are usually a few parties going on. Easter Sunday is another church day, with white as the color of choice for many of the ladies’ dresses. Easter Monday is a day for the beach, kite flying, flower shows or any of a host of events.

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