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    We have experienced weather changes from one week to the next around here, like many on the east coast. A weekend ago it was 83 degrees and no jacket required. This past weekend we were in the 60’s & 70’s and for me, a jacket is necessary.  South Florida got a touch of the “Nor’easter” and  some nights ago our weather dropped into the 50’s, not my kind of weather at all. The sun is still shining during the days, and if you are outside working during high noon you will sweat. But, when 7:00 P.M comes around you need another layer of clothing. Unless you’re like my Sister, who loves cooler temps.  I’m still shopping my closet, and the items I’m wearing on my date with Mom have been worn before.


    This Top & Jeggings have been around the cruise circuit.

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    Skin care a la . .


    We all know that aging is a natural process, but many people will go to great lengths to maintain a youthful appearance. We age due to genetic and other factors, many of which are beyond our control. But you can easily keep aging signs at bay by following a healthy lifestyle. The sooner you begin following a healthy lifestyle and caring properly for your skin, the healthier your skin will be. Plus, it will delay signs of aging like fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles, age spots and crow’s feet. There are many beauty secrets that can cut years off your appearance, particularly your face. When it comes to products and/or treatments, some women do not care about the cost, and will take out a second mortgage to look younger.  NOT Me. I live on a fixed budget, hate needles and have no desire to go under the knife for elective cosmetic surgery.


    I clean my face daily both morning and night & use an overpriced moisturizer. Exfoliate every Friday with a facial scrub, try to eat healthy fats and I still see drastic signs of aging all over.  Yes. . it appears to be slow, but I’m on the other side of sixty, the lines are already in formation and my neck is on its way to jowland. Then we hear “There’s Nothing that Botox Can’t Do“. . .

    . . . Or so it seems. In addition to banishing crow’s feet, headaches, a gummy smile, and excessive sweating, a few units of this Injectable may shrink prominent glands just under the jawline – the ones that may make some women appear jowly. But, Francesca Fusco, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City is careful to note that “while this can sharpen the jaw line in some patients, it won’t reduce jowliness across the board in all women.”  Jowls are the number two complaint with most women my age, so Botox is not for me. Continue reading