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    Runaway Bay

    Six of my family members from SFla met up with two more from Kingston, Jamaica W.I. for our annual “Wi deh a Yaad” vacation. We stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe in Runaway Bay for 7 nights. The accommodations were grand, we had plenty to eat, nuff to chat bout and calm waters to swim. Stories of generations past and present filled the dining room, some were good and some we could have done without. We made several trips to attractions off the property, my Mom got to visit her older sister in Kingston and it was all Good Clean FUN.  Thank God we dodged the bullet named Irma. We left before she passed thru Florida and came back to minimal clean up. Here are some of the captured moments: (Warning.. picture heavy)

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    Darnit Airline Fees

    In 2011, for baggage fees alone, consumers paid $3.63 billion (Yes, you read that right). The amount forked over in à la carte fees climbs higher each year, says Joel Frey, a spokesperson for, as airlines pile on even more charges. There was a time back in the day, when your airfare included a seat, all of your baggage, a drink, meal or snack served by a pretty stewardess with good manners. Now, we are lucky to just have a seat!  Charges for a bag, beverage & snacks are common on most airlines. Consider yourself lucky if you do not have to pay for your carry-on bag. Some of these charges are hidden and not published alongside fares, so you’ll have to do some digging to figure out the overall cost of your trip. By booking online, you can avoid or at the very least, reduce some of the expense.

    A recent poll found that 15 percent of people are also willing to pay to get off the plane first, so don’t be surprised if you’re soon billed for that privilege.  Some people want to be first for everything, not me. I will not pay for that. Once the airplane has landed safely, my fears are over. I just gather my belongings and wait to enter the terminal. Would you pay to get off first? Continue reading