Baby Drama

    Here’s the situation. . . Your nineteen (19) year old Beautiful and Talented Daughter has been dating her new boyfriend for 6 months and she is “In-Like”. She just told you, the guy has a one year old baby and is very involved with the care of this baby. The baby lives out of town and he visits very often. When are you going to have the talk with her and what are you going to talk about?  I’m having the talk the minute she utters this statement, and I do not want to hear about any “baby trap” –  Someone who gets pregnant on purpose so that they will stay with you. Having a child together creates a lifelong connection, and often makes it harder to break up. And, this baby is here and he should provide care and support. Here are my three bits:-foolish3

    1. A baby is a blessing and the fact that the parents wanted and is willing to care for the baby is paramount.
    2. Your girl is still young. Does she even know about the pitfalls of dating? Being “In-like” after 6 months is too soon to be wrestling with baby-mama drama.
    3. The Dude gotta Go!  You are only 19, there is so much more to see and do in this life.

          I’m Just Sayin. . . and  I cannot wait to read your comments.


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    My Style

    Blue + Floral

    Florals and Embroidery are all the rage right now and these floral pants have been in my closet for quite a few years. They are painted florals on white denim from the clearance rack at Dillard’s & have been worn plenty. Finding clothes that are comfortable and fit my Style has to meet my requirements:

    1. Good quality fabrics.
    2. Discounted & fit my strict Budget
    3. Colorful & Easy to wear.
    4. I feel Terrific when I wear them.

    This outfit fits all of my requirements.

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