My Style


    I’m still living the Orange Life and this is my favorite outfit to take on vacay this year. Orange on top of orange over orange is what I get excited about when it comes to summer wear. This topper is to wear over a top, but I am wearing it my way because it gives me the right amount of edge. . with a slight breeze. It was purchased from Cheapskate consignment for $3.00 the same day I got the straw handbag that became a DIY. These ankle jeans are special to me because of the vibrant orange/tangerine color and I wore them last year here & here.  These shooze have been my absolute favorite for over 6 years and they are kept in the box under my bed with their companions.

    Jeans purchased last year from JC Penney.

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    My Style

    I’m not my Hair

    My hair texture guides me on how to treat it and I’m a reformed product junkie. I no longer buy every hair product that comes on the market and stick to more natural blends for my hair and skin.  I have been wearing my hair in short styles for more than 20 years and many a stylist have earned good money from my visits. I can still remember dropping $85.00 for a trim, color & shampoo. I used to get my hair permed/relaxed three times per year until I went natural 9 years ago. Since then, I do not use hair products that contain Sulfate or alcohol. My hair now is much shorter, getting thinner by the year and it gets trimmed once per month. Like everything else, my hair does not grow fast anymore.Shampoo & Conditioner.  There are so many good sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to choose from and I change them out every 6 months. Currently I am loving Maui Moisture Curl Quencher shampoo & conditioner. You should choose a brand that is easy for your hair and pocketbook.  Last year I was all into L’Oreal Ever Pure Color shampoo before I started the No-Poo cleansing with Herbal Essence Cleansing Conditioner. Now that I can’t find the Herbal Essence in my stores I am using the Maui Conditioner as a substitute. I prefer to wash my hair with cleansing Continue reading